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  Exotic Smokes at International   For the most current products, please visit International Oddities at where we have advanced the art of smoking to a new level of vibratory delight.

For nearly 30 years our unique hybrid exotic smokes have pleased customers from L.A. to the Netherlands, from New York to Japan and beyond.

Light up your life with legal buds - the most exotic smokes in the world from International Oddities.
$5 Hawaiian Bud - Don't overpay elsewhere Hawaiian Bud - just add to your International Oddities order

BUT for the really good stuff order from the dozens of buds below.

International Oddities Krypto, Panama Gold Bud, Dro Legal Bud Pic   All Bud Extreme Smoke
Krypto Legal Bud
Highest Quality

Panama Gold Bud
Super Smoke

Dro Legal Bud
Golden Buds
Empty Bowl? (we can help)    International Oddities T Stix, Maui Bud, Afganish, Stunk Marvel at the high quality, texture and taste...
For those who inhale, we at International Oddities offer the most exotic smokes in the World. We're harvesting your field of dreams. Refer to our products throughout the site for high grade deep discounted bud. "We Grow the Future"

Box of Bud - New Product Line    Box of Bud – New Product Line  "Smoke the Exotic"TM at Box of Bud with 14 new hybrid buds. NEW Can of Bud Website NEW ..........
Can of !
   Pop open the innovative,
resealable "freshpack" can
and "Light up your life"
with our revolutionary
high quality smokes.

Can of
The International Oddities product line has advanced the art of smoking to a new level of quality and satisfaction. With a new line of exceptional products to choose from, won't you accept our invitation to "blow a smoke ring to the stars with the Worlds most unique smoking experience".

Hookah or rolling pleasure Hookah Bar   International Oddities world renowned products are enjoyed in hookah bars across the U.S.- perfect for any traditional smoking device or roll your own.
Why Smoke?
Get the "Shotgun 6 Pack"    International Oddities exotic smokes  Look for the clear bud fresh pack tube for genuine I.O. products
Go back in time to a simpler era where smoking was reserved for royalty. Legendary throughout the industry, International Oddities products provide an extra dimension of taste that never lets you down. Join the smoking revolution and ask for us in your local smokeshop or order direct today.

See the Gotalite Girls    International Oddities Gotalite Girls  View a gotalite girls photo shoot and see "How to Roll" movies too Break the nicotine rut with International Oddities Roll It or Bowl It    "Ultra Wizard Smoke"
an American tradition
for over a decade

See Why...
Granting customers a key to an entirely new smoking realm, International Oddities products provide the perfect tobacco alternative for a smoking public whose choices up to now have been very limited. Innovation for a free nation.

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